How Much Do Proofreaders Make?

Although you don’t need a degree to acquire freelance proofreading jobs, it can certainly be an advantage. Cactus Communications provides online proofreading jobs, freelancing jobs, and full-time jobs. Because of this, you will require a degree in the field you edit. Some of the proofreading niches you can work on include medical, biological, molecular, and other sciences. Get Editing Jobs is a lesser-known job board for anyone looking for online freelance editing and proofreading jobs.

The site only requires a cell phone number, email address, and PayPal account to get started. The company proofreading pay asks for a 250-word writing sample, and if it is accepted, you are able to work with them.

Hourly Wage for Proofreader Salary

You need to complete your profile and skill set so that you can be matched to jobs. It will highlight relevant jobs for you to apply for, but your profile affects what opportunities you get. Each could be exactly what you’re looking for, and you may be interested in signing up for more than one freelance site to find more jobs. Even as a beginner, you can find jobs available editing college essay that pay over $15 per hour – if you look in the right places that is. The type of client (e.g., corporate clients may pay more than individuals). This means more work for proofreaders, and you can do this work from home sitting on your couch. Online proofreading, and freelancing in general, is not suited for people who need to be supervised to meet deadlines .

  • Proofreading is when you thoroughly and carefully check a written text for any errors, whether that be issues with spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency, or formatting.
  • A text riddled with errors will command a higher price than a well-written document that requires far less polishing.
  • Reedsy – a freelance marketplace that allows you to work with authors and writers.
  • Upwork is the largest and most popular of these websites, and it provides a huge amount of work.
  • They’re always in need of proofreaders, and they’re always looking for competent, experienced, and independent editors to join their team.

Proofreading jobs online often pay between INR 100 and 125 per hour. American Journal Specialists provide remote jobs that you can do from any part of the world. You can explore its list of job vacancies and apply for the most suitable job as a proofreader from home. The platform is one of the largest writer service companies where you can find multiple jobs and choose any job as per your requirement. Freelancer is a site comparable to Upwork that is simple to use. You must complete your account and skill set to be matched to jobs.

What is the highest pay for Proofreaders?

My Perfect Resume offers competitive pay rates, benefits, and flexible schedules for part-time and full-time employees. They hire proofreaders to edit content from the comfort of their own homes. To work for them, you must have a college degree and at least two years of proofreading experience. You can get started with these types of jobs by applying online.

They offer stable job opportunities that pay an extraordinary amount enough to fulfill your needs and wants. Writer’s Relief – hires proofreaders to read the work of creative writers to get published.

Tips To Boost Your Personal Productivity as a Remote Worker

According to The Balance, starting salaries can range from $10 an hour up to about $20 an hour, with experienced editors typically making anywhere from $12 – 20 per hour. They do require previous experience, but it’s a great option for those who want to work from home and have some prior proofreading experience. Virtual Locations is another statistics dissertation help website that hires remote proofreaders. The company pays their proofreaders $10 per hour with the opportunity for bonuses. The company pays proofreaders $15 per hour with the opportunity for bonuses and raises based on performance reviews. As the name suggests, WritingJobz lists a variety of writing-related jobs, including proofreading.

proofreading pay

On the main page, there’s a list of languages you were assigned to work with. You will receive an online accounting assignment help invitation email or a link from a project manager to join the organization in Crowdin Enterprise.

Browse Related Job Categories With Proofreader

Remote employees will be paid a yearly salary, but freelance proofreaders are more likely to be paid by the project, pages, or even words. The final option you can pursue is to check online job boards and websites that are specifically made for freelance proofreading jobs. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or living the digital nomad lifestyle, working remotely from your computer can be a great option. Online proofreading jobs generally revolve around projects and deadlines rather than set hours, so it’s easy to structure the work around your routine. Writers Relief provides manuscript submission and representation services for writers. The platform also has one of the best online proofreading jobs for beginners in India.

  • Resume Edge is a proofreading website that offers proofreading jobs online, a more detailed editing process, and even online writing services.
  • Your career as an online proofreader will flourish if you have the right soft skill and technical skills.
  • After you accept the invitation, you will be redirected to the Signup page where you will create a new account.

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for online proofreading jobs for beginners in India is roughly INR 4.50 LPA. Becoming a proofreader doesn’t require a college degree, and you can get started without any formal training.

How Do You Find Proofreading Jobs?

Get short client testimonials from clients you worked with to feature in your resume. Keep track of any certifications you have acquired, special training, or even webinars that have helped you grow and hone your skills. custom dissertations In order to be hired as a proofreader, you will not only need to market yourself and be prepared to speak confidently about your skills. You will also need to engage with the community you are trying to be hired by.

How to become a proofreader, though, is more than just reading a lot and having a good eye. You’ve been invited to the Crowdin Enterprise project and not sure where to start?

What is a proofreader? How is it different than an editor?

You get to keep 90% of the commission you get while Reedsy keeps the remaining 10%. If you’ve been out of the Microsoft game awhile and aren’t sure about some of the newer functions of Word, check the Microsoft website for tutorials. They make it easy to get caught up on how to use the latest versions. It’s easy to have documents emailed to you where you can track comments, edits, and more with a few clicks. You can also check your own changes more readily and have access to all your docs wherever you are with the Google Docs app. It’s an effective program for collaborating on a document- or for the client to follow along with any changes you’ve made.

It is necessary that you create an account on Polished Paper and upload your resume in order to be considered for these online proofreading positions. It’ll be followed by a 35-question editor test, which will use APA, MLA, and Chicago formatting guidelines as its basis. So, before submitting your application, educate yourself on the various application styles.

Ways to Make $1,000 or More! a Month as a Freelance Writer

They are often hiring for remote proofreader jobs with no experience required. As an online proofreader in a remote job, these are some great options based on your needs. Freelance proofreaders usually do not need proofreading experience, proofreading courses, diplomas, or certificates. If you’re looking on sites like Fiverr and Freelancer, you may or may not come across clients who value proofreading and will pay you accordingly. And you may or may not come across clients with an adequate budget to spend on proofreading. If the material you’re proofreading is highly technical and requires expertise in some area (e.g., medicine, science, technology), you’ll be able to charge more.

  • Apply for entry-level editing gigs on UpWork to build yourself a solid portfolio.
  • There are specific skills you will need to learn to be successful with it.
  • It’s easy to have documents emailed to you where you can track comments, edits, and more with a few clicks.
  • Enroll in an online course like Knowadays to learn different techniques in the editing process.
  • You can also apply to firms that provide specialized on-the-job training.

She shares what she’s learning in the field and through research to inform and inspire her readers. Finally, if you have an area of expertise, you’ll be able to charge more for proofreading documents in that arena. Proofreaders can command higher rates as they gain more experience. First, let’s look at the average earnings of a proofreader employed by a business in the United States.

No matter what document you’re working on, always set your proofreading prices to industry standards. If you proofread quickly, you might be able to complete an entire book within a week to earn more. Skilled proofreaders can also proofread dozens of books in months to increase their per-word salary. The national average proofreader salary is just under $53,800 per year. Growing up, you probably learned how to proofread in English class.

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